Sail4Seas collaborates with the following foundations

CRAM Foundation works for the Conservation and Recovery of Animals. People can sponsor a sea turtle and contribute to its conservation. It develops scientific projects to protect biodiversity.

The Good Karma Projects is a non-profit organization developing projects and initiatives for environmental education and awareness in society.

Open Arms is a humanitarian, non-governmental and non-profit organization, whose main mission is to protect the lives of the most vulnerable in emergency situations.

Anèl·lides, marine environmental services is an organization formed by oceanographers and marine biologists that promotes knowledge and appreciation of the marine environment.

What is Sail4Seas?

Sail4seas is a platform that was created due to the need to make tourism more sustainable and environmentally friendly and to ensure visitors leave a positive footprint during their stay in Barcelona. 

It works in three core areas: social, environmental and economic responsibility. 

Sail4Seas is part of the Barcelona Best Experiences project and contributes to educating and raising awareness about the importance of protecting the environment and helping people in emergency situations in the Mediterranean.
A % of the cost of each Barcelona Best Experience is donated to Sail4Seas, which works with NGOs including OpenArms, GoodKarma, CRAM and Anèl·lides.

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